Varnished Fiber Glass Fabric

KETEX manufactures very high quality varnished glass fabrics upto a width of 1500mm width for various electrical applications. The thickness available is from 0.01mm to 0.30mm. Alkyd Varnished Glass Fabric Temperature Class B (130 °C) Excellent di-electric, heat resistance,oil, fungus & moisture resistance Used as coil insulation for oil immersed transformers and oil circuit breakers. Polyester varnished Glass Fabric Temperature Class F (155 °C) Excellent di-electric, heat & oil resistance. As liner and wrapping insulation for common motors and electric appliances. Silicon Varnish Glass Fabric Temperature Class H (180oC) Excellent heat, cold, oil & fungus resistance, good elasticity. As coil insulation for H class insulation in motors and electric appliances