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KE Technical Textiles Pvt. Ltd. (KETEX), formerly KE Burgmann Fiber India Pvt. Ltd., was part of an Indo-Danish joint venture, set up in the year 1991. In 2001 after financial and management restructuring the company became independent of its parent company. In 2015, KETEX have joints hands with Amer-Sil S.A. Luxembourg (Europe) and the name of company have been changed to Amer-Sil Ketex Private Limited.

The JV with Amer-Sil specializes in making Industrial Lead acid battery components, Microporous PVC / Silica separator. These separator is the result of a unique extrusion process using as raw material: PVC, silica, carbon black and stabilizers. AS-KETEX now have facility to provide both ribbed and corrugated separators.

The components that we manufacture for lead acid batteries includes Tubular Bags both woven and non-woven, PVC Silica Separator and certain plastic components.

Currently the company has four manufacturing plants, the main plant being in Kharagpur - West Bengal, second in Gagret - Himachal Pradesh, third being newly constructed at Bengaluru - Karnataka and the fourth in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We are the largest manufacturer of Tubular bags here in India and Bangladesh producing 250 million linear meter of tubes annually from our all plants. The company has its own facilities of the most modern weaving units processing and coating of fabrics with various polymers and resin systems. For specialized applications, work is undertaken from the design stage by our company’s personnel and R&D. Our team of engineers and consultants are always available, not only for problem resolution but for innovative product development and new design.

  1.    Leading manufacturer of Technical Textiles here in India.

  2.    Manufacturing products out of Fiber Glass, Plolyester, Polypropylene,Nylon,Jute,Cotton etc.., 

  3.   Products finds applications Lead Acid Batteries, High temperature, cryogenic, Gaseous, corrosive and     other hazardous industrial application areas

 Quality At All Levels 


   For AS-KETEX quality is of paramount importance. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve our

production processes, products and services. In this way, we guarantee optimum quality at all levels.