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AS-KETEX maintain the Quality Policy through out the year. AS-KETEX has successfully reached its height in R&D and completed the following:
  • 1. Process & Engineering
  • Prototype ion exchange plant for further use of waste water
  • Online automatic acid recovering & distillation system
  • HVSC Heating system in Gauntlet forming machines
  • 2. Chemistry & Polymer
  • Development of Low Electrical Resistant Acrylic Resin for Gauntlet Formation
  • Vermiculite dispersion for High Temperature application
  • Development of new Thermoplastic Resin
  • 3. product development
  • Ceramic Flame Arrestor for Float Indicator in Batteries
  • Semi Conductive Tape
  • Tri - Component gauntlets
Quality control (QC) is the system of checks throughout the manufacturing process to make sure each step is completed to a high standard. Quality control checks might be carried out: before manufacture to ensure fabric has no faults or misprints.
The perceived quality of a Polyester Gauntlet, Fiberglass Fabric is the result of a number of aspects which together help achieve the desired level of satisfaction for the customer. Hence quality control in terms of Polyester Gauntlet, Fiberglass fabric pre-sales service, delivery, post-sales service, pricing, etc are essential for any Fabric exporter.
Specific steps that can enhance quality include:
  1. Communicating the importance of quality, each worker's role in achieving and maintaining right quality, and expectations of worker performance.
  2. Maintaining a clean and dry workplace, including storage rooms and shipping areas.
  • Textile Testing.
  • Chemical Analysis (ECO Lab)
Textile testing is extremely important as it ensures quality and can eliminate any problems ahead of manufacturing. Development of new and innovative clothing means that textile testing is more important than ever.
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