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General definition of gauntlet is a glove with long sleeve, worn for protection. The anode of any tubular lead acid batteries is made from either woven or non-woven polyester bag to give protection to the Positive Active Material (PAM) along with the Positive Plate Spines present inside the bag from the acid solution outside the bag. Thus, the name of these protection bag is termed as ‘Gauntlet’.

AS-KETEX produces Engineered woven gauntlets to improve the performance of lead/acid tubular plates. As the adequate compression of positive active material (PAM) is one of the key factors of the life of lead acid batteries, the greater life exhibited by batteries with tubular plates, is associated to the capability of the gauntlet to retain the active material around each conductive spine of the tubular plate. AS-KETEX Woven & Non-Woven Multi-Tubular Gauntlets with engineered fabric structure offer higher resistance to chemical oxidation, low electrical resistance, and improved energy deployment due to superior elastic compression of the active material.

Gauntlet is the Heart of Lead Acid Batteries which determinants its superior life. AS-KETEX  is the only manufacturer of gauntlets for Submarine Batteries in Asia to supply to the Turkish Military. The Gauntlet is Engineered as such to enhance the Submarine Battery with:

  • Excellent Life Span.
  • High Capacity.
  • High Power Density.
  • High Reliability and Safety.

Key Features of our AS-KETEX Gauntlet:

  1. Low Electrical Resistance.
  2. Excellent Bursting Strength.
  3. Outstanding Elastic Recovery.
  4. Uniform Pore Size.
  5. Excellent stiffness.
  6. Good Oxidative Stability.
  7. Good Acid Resistant property

Main Characteristics of Woven & Non-Woven AS-KETEX Gauntlet:


1. Mainly suitable for Dry Powder Filling Process
2. Fabric impregnated with special Acrylic resin
3. Porosity is excellent which gives lesser ER
4. Bursting Strength: > 36 kgf /cm2
5. Weight loss after 24 hrs. in dichromate solution <0.5%


1. Mainly suitable for Slurry filling and Paste Filling Process
2. Very fine Pore structure and as such high & uniform absorbency.
3. Micro-pores throughout the gauntlets which gives better Electrical Resistance.
4. Lower active mass loss.
5. Bursting Strength : > 15 kgf /cm2
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