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We are one of the leading manufacturer of customized combo bags for molten metal fitration used for DC Sheet Ingot Casting & Slab Casting in any smelters.

There are two types of combo bags.

  • Soft White Combo Bag
  • Thermotex Fabric (TF) Rigid Combo Bag


In D.C. Casting, Combo Bag controls the flow pattern and temperature distribution, which effect the temperature profile across the mold and hence the molten metal sump; these have bearing on the structure in solidification. The practical solution to this problem has been to redirect the downward flow out of the downspout to a horizontal distributed flow, using a solid refractory box section or a flexible fiber bag, that is, Combo Bag. Distribution of hot metal into the ingot sump results in uniform temperature gradient.

TF Rigid Combo Bags:

  • Remains firm throughout the cast; negligible deformations.
  • Low odour and smoke in contact with molten metal, at start of cast and during casting.
  • Can be provided in variety of shapes, as required by the User; will be suited for bag attachments.
  • Resourcefully decreases the scuffle in casting. It is also self-priming and aids in hands-free cast start. With less turbulence, oxides are also trapped
  • Controlled and easy casting with good metal and temperature distribution; improved sheet ingot metal quality and structure.
  • Cost effective and yields higher Return On Investment.

Advantages of  TF Rigid Combo Bags:

  • Favourable Temperature Distribution.
  • Diminish Scrap.
  • Eradicates Oxides & Dross.
  • Unvarying Metal Dispersal.
  • Reduces Turbulence.

Availibility of Combo Bags:

  • Woven glass filtration fabric with different mesh size and width.
  • In-house mold making facility for customized designing and stitching of Combo Bags as per needs of customer.
  • Soft (foldable) and Rigid TF Combo Bags.
  • Inner spout on demand.
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