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High Silica Fiberglass Cloth

High Silica Fiber Glass Fabrics manufactured by AS-KETEX are made from texturised glass fabrics. These fabrics are made out of specially sourced yarn which are then passed through high pressure jet of air. These silica glass fabrics are also heat treated for controlled shrinkage during actual applications. The high silica glass fabrics are also available with various types of coatings. The coatings include graphite, fire retardent, acrylic and vermiculite finishes. Depending on the weight, finish applied on the fabrics, it finds application in various fields of high temperature uses like insulations, fire blankets, welding curtains etc.

'AS-KETEX' High Silica Glass Fabrics can withstand temperature upto 1200 °C, retaining flexibility of the Fiberglass Fabric. These are brand named in our product series as ‘THERMOTEX’ . As per customers’ requirement of thermal stability, thickness, weight, etc. we supply various grades of THERMOTEX series products.

Encompassing a purity superior than 96% silica, 'AS-KETEX' High Silica Fiberglass Cloth has tremendous strength, softness and toughness. 


  • High Elasticity
  • Furnace lining And Protection Properties
  • Exceptional Chemical Endurance


  • Protection Blankets
  • Expansion Joints
  • Pipe Wrapping
  • Turbine Covers
  • Engine Exhaust Pipe Covers
  • Gasketing Products
  • Welding Blankets And Curtains
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