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Twisted Texturised Yarn

AS-KETEX has the precision to produce Texturised Fiberglass Yarns. These E-Glass Yarn are bulked/Bulged and blown by special texturising machines with high pressure compressed jet-air and which can be used to heat insulation and acoustic absorption industries.

After volumized, the glass yarn becomes fluffy and loose. Through which produced textiles performs higher temperature insulation efficiency and softer. The texturized and volumized glass yarns can support great amount of air than single yarns. Therefore, it can be provided better insulating as well as excellent acoustic absorption.  


  • Muffler filling for power sport vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobile, ATVs, Etc).
  • Industrial silencers.
  • Woven insulation fabric, rope, tape etc.
  • All acoustic and thermal insulation applications.
  • Oil Filters
  • PTFE coating membrane fabric basis; High temperature sewing thread.

AS-KETEX Fiberglass Texturized Yarn and Produces could be classified as E-glass Texturized Yarn with working temperature 680℃ and are High strength and High flexible.


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