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Polyester Fiberglass Silk Tape

AS-KETEX’ brand Polyester Glass Silk Tape are encircling tapes with a carrier made of parallel fiberglass yarns with thermoset polyester yarn, pre-impregnated and laminated with a special  Polyester Film and Modified Polyurethane Resin & Red Oxide. These tape forms a mechanical loop to hold coils in place against centrifugal forces and replace metal armature or steel straps.


Glass Polyester Silk Tape is consisting of Glass-Polyester

Polyester Glass Silk Tape can be used for electrical insulation; it can be thermally self-bonded and is characterised by an extremely high mechanical endurance, high tensile strength.

AS-KETEX’ brand Polyester Glass Silk Tape is a thermos-shrinkable tape. During impregnation the resin penetrates through the layers of the Polyester Glass Silk Tape into the main insulation. During curing process Polyester Glass Silk Tape will shrink under temperature and prevent a drain out of resin and give some pressure to the main insulation. Polyester Glass Silk Tape is used as final layer above the porous tape in the production of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation insulation winding on copper wire.


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