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Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

The efficiency of particulate collection is becoming more and more important as environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Fiberglass filter fabric are the mechanism for meeting these regulations and a re the optimum solution for environment with operating temperature between 150 °C to 260 °C.


AS-KETEX’ has developed such fabrics for high temperature dust filtration. Each filter fabric is engineered for a specific application including Reverse Air, Shake / Deflate and Pulse Jet cleaning method.  ‘AS-KETEX’ combines yarn selection, weave pattern and density to produce fabric with the appropriate combination of physical and chemical properties for the designated end use.


  • 709 – Three Component Graphite Finishes
  • 716 – Proprietary High Performance Acid Resistance Finish
  • 726 – 10% nominal Dupont Teflon B Finishes
  • 714 – 8% nominal Dupont Teflon B Finish
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