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E-Glass Roving

AS-KETEX Woven Roving are made by interweaving continuous E-Glass Roving, freely woven into a dense fabric.

Woven Roving Fabrics are appropriate for hand lay applications of large, high strength FRP products where thickness and strength are required in application areas such as molding and mechanized production to produce yacht/boats, storage tanks, structures for architecture, vessels, automobile parts, sports and furniture equipment, etc.

The GSM ranges from 200 to 850 g/m².

AS-KETEX Roving are cured with a silane sizing permitting compatibility with most epoxy and polyester resin systems.

AS-KETEX Woven Roving has various design pattern viz. plain, twill, satin & basket weaves.

AS-KETEX Woven Roving sustains to:

  • Even texture, No Stain & Fuzz
  • High Tensile Strength and
  • Perfect Chemical Resistance
  • Quick Wet-Out
  • Outstanding Electrical Protection
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