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PVC Silica Separator


The ASKETEX separator is the result of a unique extrusion process using as raw material: PVC, silica, carbon black and stabilizers. Depending on pattern and formulation, the volume porosity ranges from 68% to more than 80% . The ASKETEX separator has a very high volume Porosity, low electrical resistance and an excellent oxidation resistance. The AS-KETEX separator is obtained by the extrusion and calendaring at low temperature of a PVC, silica, carbon black and stabilizer compound. Naturally and without any additive (such as for instance oil), our separator has a very strong oxidation resistance. The Amer-Sil separator is the most porous plastic separator available on the market. Our separator has a very low electrical resistance and an instantaneous wetting. It can be laminated with glass mat in case of flat positive plates. We can achieve any thickness between 0.3 mm to 4.9 mm. It is available in two versions : (i) Ribbed separator. (ii) Corrugated separator. Because of its high volume porosity, pore size allowing the oxygen migration from the positive to the negative plate, low electrical resistance, low acid displacement, instantaneous wetting, excellent oxidation resistance, the AS-KETEX separator is considered today as the best separator for all kind of gel application.


The ASKETEX separator is very well suited for all industrial application such as inverter, tubular gel, traction inverter etc.,


(a) High volume porosity (b) Excellent oxidation resistance (c) Low electrical resistance (d) Low acid displacement (e) Instantaneous wetting


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