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General definition of gauntlet is a glove with long sleeve, worn for protection. The .....
FLOAT VALUE: AS-KETEX is involved in manufacturing and supplying superb quality Float L.....
High Silica Fiberglass Cloth
High Silica Fiber Glass Fabrics manufactured by AS-KETEX are made from texturised glass fa.....
Vermiculite Coated
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Annealing Curtain
AS-KETEX High Silica Annealing Curtain for heated conveyor ovens.  These traps the.....
Twisted Texturised Yarn
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High Silica Fiberglass Stitching Thread
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Brass Braided Texturized Roving
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Electrical Insulations
‘AS-KETEX’ Fiberglass fabric provides an exceptional blend of properties from .....
Fiberglass Fabrics are a vital application for good metal distributions and hence temperat.....
Red Silicon Glass Fabric
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Pulse Jet Fabric Filter
The efficiency of particulate collection is becoming more and more important as environmen.....
Desized & Silane Treated Fabric
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Mono-Filament PET/BOPP Laminate
ASKETEX is a pioneer in manufacture glass fabrics for mono filament PET / BOPP laminate wi.....
Automobile Engineered Fabric
Fiberglass Fabric for Automotive: GSM Thickness (mm) .....
Fiberglass Fabric for Non-Metallic Expansion Joint
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E-Glass Roving
AS-KETEX Woven Roving are made by interweaving continuous E-Glass Roving, freely woven int.....
We are one of the leading manufacturer of customized combo bags for molten metal fitration.....
Polyester Fiberglass Silk Tape
‘AS-KETEX’ brand Polyester Glass Silk Tape are encircling tapes with a carrier.....
Polyester Fiberglass Fabric
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PVC Silica Separator
Separators The ASKETEX separator is the result of a unique extrusion process using as r.....
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