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Electrical Insulations

AS-KETEX’ Fiberglass fabric provides an exceptional blend of properties from high potency to fire resistance. Wide ranges of yarn tex and weave patterns provide huge number of design potential allowing the end user to choose the best pattern for material execution, economics and product flexibility.

Electric Grade fiberglass cloth is a fiberglass Printed Circuit Board material which is typically styles of 771,71042, 7628, 2116, 1080, 7628, 3732, 3784, etc.,

Besides the PCB application, This electric grade glass fibre fabric has excellent dimension stability, electric insulation, high temperature resistance, also widely applied in the Teflon, Epoxy Acrylic, Phenolic, PTFE Coating Fabric.

AS-KETEX’ have a wide range to glass fabrics for Mica Insulation and other treated glass cloths.

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